Regionl Risk Officr,

EFG Capital Int’l Corp,   Miami, FL   Full-time     Finance
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Posted on August 30, 2020
Regionl Risk Officr, VP (Miami FL) - Anlyze financl info, accpt/prcess financl prodct ordrs. Ensure adquate fund'g to covr acc't transactns. Anlyze/ track prtfolio posit'ns/invstm't perfrmnce. Ensure regnl risk polcies, regultry cmplianc, strat & guidlns are met. Reqs: Ms. Financ, Acct'g, Mgmt or reltd field or US eqvl + 1yr/exp in job or as Sr.Intrn'l Auditr or closly reltd occptn/s w/n invstm't/ financl srvcs ind intrnatnlly. Exp must include bankg/invstmt srvcs, brokr dealr advanc/work'g knwldg of fnanc/risk mgmt, cmplianc/contrls, crisis mgmt, risk assessmt, intrn'l audt, fraud prevntn/defalctn, corp cmplianc, IT securty/prjct mgmt, apply'g regnl risk assessmt perfrmanc data extrctn/ analysis/reconcliatn, equities trad'g pltfrms, wealth/asset mgmt, regultry cmplianc knwldg/walkthu & flowchrt'g of procsses app of COSO Framwrk & audt'g tchnques. Must be Certifd Intrnal Audtr (CIA) & CAMS Certfied Membr. Resumes: M. Lopez, HR-VP, EFG Capital Int'l Corp, 701 Brickell Ave, 9th Fl, Miami FL 33131.